The conference «SALE — 2015″

The conference «SALE — 2015″As part of the annual “StartUp” forum held by the Governor’s office and PSC will be held the conference “Sales 2015” on the theme of increasing sales and customer engagement.

“SALES 2015” is a conference for managers and business owners, beginners and existing entrepreneurs, leading business — the coaches of Kazakhstan and Russia: Denis Kazanivskyy, Andrey Galanin and other detail work through the issues of increasing sales, marketing, customer engagement and staff management.


The main objective of the conference is to provide participants with a simple and working techniques to improve sales and marketing, and personnel management

To acquaint participants with effective tools and technologies to increase sales

To present the best international and domestic practices, to share the latest developments, new technologies, business practices and sharing experiences with practitioners

Identify the basic steps in achieving efficiency, sustainability and business competitiveness

March 11, You can totally free to get acquainted with the best experts of the country, introduce new items and to get around competitors.

Now, in a period of instability, when the exchange rate and the prices are jumping, when broken, that worked fine earlier and existing sales channels start to fail, as ever, it is especially important to devote time to the development of existing sales, creating new niches and business optimization.

If You want to increase your sales, sign up at the link below:

You will receive a lot of practical techniques to improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing that you can implement in your business quickly, almost without money or with a minimal budget.

I’ll see you at the conference!

P. S. Additional information by phone: 8(7172)79-71-64