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Consulting company Mauer consulting groupHistory Mauer consulting group began with the establishment in 1994 in Rostov-on-don Konstantin Mauer audit and consulting company «Mauer-Audit”. For the past 10 years, we are in the TOP 100 ranking of the “Expert” “the Leading consulting companies of Russia”, since 1998, an industry leader in the southern Federal district of the Russian Federation. The company Mauer consulting group is in the group of experts i c p Group and the international network of consulting and investment NEXIA International organizations. Branch network of our investment consulting company covers a large Russian (Moscow, Rostov-on-don, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok) and foreign (Graz, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Istanbul) city.

Advantages of ordering services business consulting services in our company

A wide range of consulting services. The company Mauer consulting group provides strategic and investment business consulting, legal and project support, management consulting and auditing, provides accounting services and management consulting. We are ready to assist our clients in all areas of their business development: audit analysis of the prospects of the market to the accounting and tax reporting, from drafting a business plan to represent the interests of the controlling authority.

A professional staff. In the state of our consulting company employs over 80 people. They all have years of experience in leading Russian and foreign consulting companies. Employees regularly undergo training courses in the field of management consulting and other activities of our organization, allowing them to always be up to date with current investment trends, legislative standards and at the highest level to advising our clients on various issues.

Cooperation with leading Russian and foreign organizations. Our auditing and consulting company is a partner of leading Russian and international organizations working in the field of corporate Finance. We cooperate with JSC «Raiffeisenbank Austria”, “VEB”, “foreign”, Commerzbank AG, etc. Through membership in international accounting and consulting networks we can bring to the solution of problems of our clients major European experts in the field of investment and strategic business consulting, corporate Finance and audit. Consulting company Mauer consulting group is constantly developing foreign economic activity. We have contracts with those in need of quality management and investment consulting clients and partners from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Turkey and other countries.

The trust of customers. Consulting services order Mauer consulting group leaders in different industries of Russian and international business: Coca-Sola, IKEA, ЕFЕS-Рilsener, Ball Packaging Europe, Castorama, Merinos Hali, Leroy Merlin, SGL Carbon, and others. Organizations trust us with business consulting for several years. You can read reviews about the activities of one of the leading consulting companies in Russia, after reading letters of reference customers in the section “About company”.

«consultancy company «Mauer consulting group”

To order consulting accounting services, management consulting in the company Mauer consulting group, you can contact us by phone in Moscow and Rostov-on-don.