Consulting company in St. Petersburg

Consulting company in St. PetersburgConsulting company “NO TE VA A M” – this team consists of professionals that have confirmed their skills in real business and consulting solutions for the most complex and most interesting business challenges: launch of new commercial projects.

How does our consulting company

We often call and demand to name the cost of consulting on the basis about this request: “we need the motivation of sales staff” or “we need to start production in Nizhny Novgorod” or “how much will it cost calculation of a recoupment of the project on manufacture of products N.

Imagine that you called the doctor and told about the following: “doctor, my stomach hurts, how much it will cost the pill?” Without a clear understanding of the situation and treatment plan any answer will only hurt.

Your business should, too, to treat it seriously, especially because it will require minimum of your time and effort. It is likely that those few steps that you are going through, will save you a lot of money – as a result of our consulting company will do only what you really need.

Sequence of actions:

Call or email us about your problem (the problem that you want to solve). Tell us about it as think terms without the beautiful and complex structures. For example: “want to increase sales twice”, “I think to conduct a market study to understand what regions to go in the first place”.

You will be called a consultant who specializes in this area, clarify the task, to make sure that we can be your task to decide and agree on the meeting .

During the meeting we will clarify all the necessary details and discuss solutions . You will be able to form an opinion about us and to determine, do you feel comfortable to communicate with us. Of course, the meeting is completely free.

According to the results of our meeting we will prepare a quotation and send it to you. We always try to make our proposals as simple as possible.

If we understood each other correctly, and in General terms the proposal is acceptable, then we assign the next meeting, which finally approved schedule, scope and cost of consulting . describe in detail the end result you wish to obtain.

Then we will prepare a contract which will be recorded all our arrangements and get down to work.

When the project is completed, we will shake hands, sign the acts of the performed works, end the settlements and say goodbye. Until the next project, because you’ll enjoy working with our consulting company.