Consulting services for oil and gas companies: pros and cons, experience with consulting companies

Consulting services for oil and gas companies: pros and cons, experience with consulting companies Consulting service for business, for that matter, any other service, is only useful if it covers the range of needs of the company. As an option, in this case it may be training needs, the acquisition of new managerial knowledge, solving specific business problems. In recent times the services of consulting companies often resort to optimize business processes and identify ways to reduce costs.

Business consulting is a service-oriented business, and solves his problem. With the development of the market of consulting services and the acquisition of collective experience, the Russian oil companies began to subdivide the business problem to those that the company is capable to solve independently, and those for which you must hire the services of consulting companies. Consider both options below.

Typically, business consulting is required in the following cases:

the implementing of the quality management system and lean production (mostly large oil refineries),

audit of QMS,

personnel management,

level measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction,

the application of the theory in practice, etc.

Consulting company in the above cases have a distinct competitive advantage over domestic training centers clients. This is achieved by the fact that for deep exploration, understanding and application of such knowledge requires a significant investment of time, in the case of, for example, audit of the QMS is the need to obtain a certificate from the international auditor (which is impossible for regular business coaches).

In some cases, companies may not have to resort to business consulting to solve some management problems. This can be planning and conducting advertising campaigns, BTL-actions, simple business planning (which requires consideration of multiple developments), a small market research. In these cases, consulting services may not be required, and the company will have enough qualified staff specialists.

Business consulting helps to use the potential of the company and its employees more fully, and in the choice between an external contractor and internal should focus on the importance of tasks, deadlines, costs and benefits. If usefulness, ultimately, exceed the costs that are most appropriate to engage external consulting company. But the choice as always is yours.