Consulting company “ALT”

Consulting company "ALT"We specialize in strategic consulting and marketing. We help our clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and across Russia to determine perspective directions of development of business and to spend time with the changes required to achieve strategic goals.

Our strength – the ability to combine very different competencies required for effective policymaking purposes. On the one hand, it – quality analyst, creative ideas and strategic thinking, on the other – we are effectively using all the tools of process consulting to fully engage the client team and ensure the feasibility of solutions.

We are the exclusive partner of the international consulting company GIA in Russia and the CIS. The GIA offices are located in all key markets of the planet, which allows us to implement large international projects.

For 20 years we have gained extensive practical and teaching experience: completed more than 400 consulting projects for Russian and foreign companies.

The company’s ALT is an associate member of Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a major international consulting company specializing in strategic market analysis and consulting. In more than 100 countries GIA consultants provide their services.

On the Russian market a business consulting company, the VIOLA and the company’s Global Intelligence Alliance is to provide such consulting services as an exploration of international markets, benchmarking of foreign companies, the rapid evaluation of potential access to foreign markets, global sourcing and optimization of supply chains, etc.

Management consultants and marketing the VIOLA and GIA implemented joint projects in the field of management consulting and strategic consulting: analysis of foreign markets, the rapid assessment of the Russian market for foreign client, strategic benchmarking. Strategic Alliance “ALT” with the company’s Global Intelligence Alliance helps us to successfully compete with large consulting companies of Russia.

Global Intelligence Alliance is holding an international conference on the practice of marketing analysis (market intelligence) and building companies in marketing analysis at the world level, which bring together representatives of business and consulting companies: leading practitioners in the field of marketing research, strategic management and strategic planning, benchmarking analysis, as well as experts marketing consulting and strategic consulting.

On the website of the IPC “ALT” published translations of reviews GIA consultants on the analysis of market situation, trends, and forecasts for the industrial and consumer markets, peculiarities of conducting marketing research in China, Brazil, India and other dynamic emerging economies.