Center for accounting and business consulting

Center for accounting and business consultingAt the forefront of activity of LLC “Center for accounting and business consulting” is the confidence, the comfort of a relationship between us and clients, professionalism. We do not formally suited to solving a particular problem, always looking for solutions adapted to each specific case.

The center was created to assist in various business segments. Working with us, You gain a trusted partner, have the opportunity to focus on core business processes. All other questions analytical, administrative and business nature, we will solve for You with minimal cost.

Why minimal?

No need to rent extra mile to create a workplace specialist

There is no need to purchase office equipment.

No need to worry when Your employee is sick.

The cost of our services reduce the taxable income of the organization.

We provide a full range of accounting and legal services. services setup 1C subject to the specific requirements of Your enterprise.

Our experts conduct market research. that will help you to build your own company.

The center has a courier service. which is designed to give business correspondence both in Moscow and in the Moscow region.

More detailed information You can get on the site.