Business consulting

Business consultingWorldwide consultants to conduct work on improvement of the system of enterprise management, preparation of investment projects, business plans and other management decisions for a long time into everyday practice.

In one of the articles dedicated to business consulting, it provides such a comparison: for Western companies to conduct a project to improve product quality or reorganization of management without the involvement of consultants still that to build a building without an architect.

In Russia services in the field of business consulting (management consulting) only recently gained recognition as an effective means of improving business.

The company “Informatech” since its inception, focused not on a simple implementation of information systems, and to solve specific problems of the enterprises. Therefore, the two activities of the company — management consulting and information systems development — developed in parallel, organically complementing each other.

Today, the consulting division of our company has a proven methodology and experience to improve business medium and large industrial enterprises and holding companies.

Consulting a real help in the management of

Speaking of consulting as a means of solving the problems of the enterprise, it is necessary to explain the concept. Our company adheres to the definition in the European Federation of associations of consultants for Economics and management, which reads as follows: “Consulting is to provide independent advice and assistance on management issues, including identification and assessment of problems and/or opportunities, the recommendation of appropriate measures and assist in their implementation”.

The above definition business consulting defines the essence of the work. For a better understanding of their place in the market of consulting services can be considered a related field.

For business consulting related areas of counseling are (Fig. 1):


educational services;

external financial audit;

accounting services;

legal advice;

engineering services;

design and investment services;

information service.

It should be noted that to draw a clear line between all these areas is almost impossible. When working on business consulting almost always have problems to solve that without knowledge of related areas quite difficult. Most consultants in the field of business consulting today or are composed of the divisions of specialists in related fields, or in groups (associations) with specialized companies.

Fig. 1

The General methodology for carrying out the works

There are three co-equal approach to conducting work in the field of management consulting or consulting.

Expert advice — this approach involves the performance of the consulting firm or consultant all work independently, starting with diagnosis of the company and to propose solutions and recommendations for their implementation.

Process consultation — in conducting the project using this approach the emphasis in the work of the consultant is shifted to the involvement of specialists to identify the problems, proposing solutions, etc.

Training consulting — this technique works based on the transfer to the company of management consulting methodology (methods of identifying problems, finding solutions, etc.) for the purpose of work activities by the company specialists.

Most companies working in the field of management consulting, use a combination of the approaches within their projects. And the company “Informatech” is no exception.

Indeed, the combination of all three approaches in the works provides the following benefits for the enterprise.

Employees of the company, provided that their active involvement in the work within the project, do not accept the proposed solution as externally imposed.

The company during the works formed a team (group) of experts able to independently conduct further work on improving the business.

Optimal, in our opinion, the combination of the approaches presented in the description of the methodology of the project by stages. Although here it should be particularly emphasized that every project is unique management consulting and offer at each stage of the vote approaches to the organization of work, primarily defined by current in its framework, challenges and qualifications of personnel.

The stages of the project

The main stages of the project

We can distinguish three main stages of undertaking a project on business consulting:

the preparatory stage, or diagnosis;

the main stage, or developing solutions;

the implementation of proposed solutions.

Let us dwell on the purpose of each stage, as well as on the results of their conduct and try to understand that they give the company.

The preparatory stage

The main objective of the preliminary stage — the definition of objectives and scope of the project.

The specialists of the company “Informatech” solve the following tasks:

formalization of the strategic objectives of the enterprise;

identification of critical success factors for your goals;

allocation of core business processes to be improved, or the scoping of the project;

definition of list of works required to achieve your goals.

After work, the company has at its disposal a report containing:

description of the objectives of the project;

the area of the project (the affected business processes, etc.);

criteria goals for each area of the project;

the plan and procedure of the project, the recommended composition of the project team.

Since the main purpose of this stage is to identify the problems faced by the company, and their causes, in the works applied approach “Expert advice”:

Sample scheme of work for this phase.

Working meetings with the management of the enterprise. to formalize the business objectives and criteria for their achievement, and identifying the main problems.

Blitz interviews with top managers and middle managers. are held for the purpose of formal definition of the basic business processes of a company, clarify the list of problems facing the company problems.

Evaluation of possible solutions to the problems and goals, definition of list of works required for developing solutions; preparing reports.

General the purpose of this phase can sound approximately so: improvement of business processes in the enterprise in certain areas to achieve these goals.

This formulation is very General. Its exact interpretation is one of the results of the preliminary stage.

Decide at this stage of the problem is also determined based on the results of the preliminary stage. But they can be grouped under the following four headings:

General management at the enterprise;

production management;

personnel management;

the financial management.

More common tasks that are included in each of these sections is presented in the second part of this booklet.

Work carried out to solve the set tasks are divided into four main groups.

Reengineering business processes:

formulating the business definition of the strategic objectives of the enterprise;

Construction of the expanded tree problems and their interpretations;

design and optimization of a functional model of the enterprise and its organizational structure;

formalization and optimization of key business processes of the enterprise.

Designing a management accounting system:

the design of the remuneration system;

designing methods of accounting and cost management;

development of pricing methodologies;

development of a system of indicators to assess business performance and methods of use;

The design of the budgeting system.

Statement of financial accounting:

formalization and optimization of schemes of financial flows;

building a model of the accounting documents;

determining the order of registration and keeping of documents;

development of chart of accounts;

development of standard business transactions;

definition of the methods of reflection and evaluation of business operations.

Creating a model of the flow and concept of the project is:

the designing of a workflow;

the concept of the project IP.