administrative, financial, accounting, legal

administrative, financial, accounting, legalDear Sirs, for many years, working as a hired top Manager, and as an independent business coach and consultant, I have assembled a team of experts in various narrow fields of business, whose high professional level I can guarantee that.

The team provided me invaluable assistance in their professional fields, collaborating with me on the most complex and interesting projects.

Some of them are already professional consultants, and others combine private consulting business with work in leading positions in companies which are leaders in their markets. They share what they experienced actual practice daily solving practical business problems.

Listed below are the field of consulting, in which I, with the participation of these professionals can provide You with professional assistance and support.

Management consulting

(sales, management, marketing, pricing)

Optimization of the scheme and structure of sales (analysis and correction the efficiency of the distribution) development of the commercial policy of the company (analysis of the effectiveness of the existing commercial policy, preparation and participation in the implementation of the comprehensive plan optimization) Audit pricing (author’s technique of using non-standard resources and sources of profitability) Audit costs and develop a plan for their optimization Crisis management company Organization and conducting strategic planning sessions for the formation of the strategy and tactics of development of the company for a period of 3-5 years VIP service: the first person coaching company “The formation of the unique advantages of the company for the long-term exclusion from competitors”